All about diluents

Before you start painting the car, it is important to choose the right diluent. They are many and for each type of paint you need special one. It is needed to bring the material to operating viscosity.
The main criterion in choosing a diluent is the ambient temperature before painting.
It affects the drying time of the coating.

Acrylic diluents can be classified by the rate of their evaporation and as a consequence recommendations for temperature application:
1- normal at temp. 20-25 C;
2- fast at temp. 15-20 ° C;
3- slow at temp. 25C or more;

Types of diluents:

Diluents for alkyd and synthetic enamels:
ensure maximum filling and rapid polymerization.
Diluents for polyester products: used to dilute the filler, which is applied by pneumatic spraying.
Nitro-Thinner: used to dilute nitrocellulose materials.


Thinner for transitions: is a mixture of organic solvents. It is used to create a smooth transition when the part is partially painted.

Wash solvent: used for cleaning equipment and tools.

Diluents for acrylic products: contribute to the correct course of the curing reaction of acrylic materials without the effect of "boiling", loss of gloss and other possible defects. Create the necessary surface tension.